How to setup a discount based on a discount code
Posted by Beau Brown on 23 March 2010 02:08 PM
You can create a discount that applies once your customer enters a discount code. This is ideal for special promotions and sales.

1. Go to the Cart32 web admin.

2. Choose the Cart Settings tab and select the Discount tab.

  • Click Add Discount item

  • Then click edit once the new discount appears

  • Give the discount a Name for internal purposes

  • Optionally, set a start and end date

  • For condition 1, Base on - Discount Code

  • Comparison - Equals

  • Value - the code the customers will enter

  • Discount Type choose how to apply, flat rate, percent off, etc.

  • Specify the Amount. Ex. flat rate $5.50 is 5.50 or 10 percent off is 0.10

  • Click Save. That sets up the discount.

  • Then for the Discount code field to show on the cart pages, Choose the Discount Code tab.

  • Set Get Discount Codes Before Check Out to Yes

  • Click Save.

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David Shull
02 December 2011 10:25 PM
Is there a limit on the number of available discount codes? I'm looking for unlimited discount codes for tracking commissions.

Is there a report with .xls or .csv output for transactions per discount code?

Thank you.
Chris Stewart
05 December 2011 09:12 AM

You are not limited with the number of discount codes you can create within your cart. Also, a way to provide a .csv file with the information you're needing would be to use the export orders feature (Enterprise > Export Orders). Please refer to this knowledgebase article on how to set Export Orders up:
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