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Broken Links/ Mixed Content After SSL Certificate Install
Last Updated 5 years ago


By: Frankie Barrios
Date: 7/19/2018

When it comes down to the experience a person encounters when visiting your website, images play a very important role. They help better draw in the attention of your site’s visitors, create a consistent and professional look throughout your website, and provide a better overall look and feel to your site as a whole. In order to maintain this, you have to make sure all the appropriate settings are in place so you can display this content securely.

Below are a few steps to take if you run across any issues after applying an SSL Certificate to your site and receiving a “mixed content” error from your browser:

Take A Look At Your Code:

  • Open your website.
  • Open the source code for whatever page has a broken image usually by right clicking on the page and clicking “view page source”.
  • Hit Ctrl + F to conduct a search through the code.
  • Paste “src=http” into the search box.
  • You should find that the broken image links on this page have an HTTP element instead of an HTTPS.
  • You will then find the file that contains the link within your website and update the HTTP elements to HTTPS.
  • Save your changes and make sure your website now reflects the edits made.

You’ve spent a lot of time creating your website, getting the SSL Certificate in place, and keeping your content up-to-date. Your visitors deserve a safe and entertaining experience, so make sure you’re able to offer them that by monitoring, managing, and maintaining your website regularly. If you prefer, Cart32 can take care of any issues you run into. If interested, contact us today for a quote. Thanks for taking the time to stay informed, educated, and safe when it comes to you and your customers online experience!

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