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Amazon Payment Processing
Last Updated 5 years ago

Amazon checkout is another option that you can give your customers
to checkout with. The more options that you give your customers, the
more likely they are to purchase from your site. Cart32 has an easy
integration with Amazon. Just follow these steps to begin using Amazon
as a payment option.

  1. Log into your Cart32 Administration.
  2. Hover over the Shopping Cart category.
  3. Click the Payment sub-category.
  4. Click the Amzaon Payments tab to the right of the navigation bars.
  5. Check both the "Use Amazon Payments (Simply Pay)" and "Use Checkout By Amazon" checkboxes.
  6. Enter in your Amazon Merchant ID. This can be found within your Amazon Administration under Settings > Checkout Pipline Settings
  7. Enter in your Amazon Access Key ID. This can be found with your Amazon Adminstration under Integration > Access Key.
  8. Enter in your Amazon Secret Access Key. This will be found in the same location as the Access Key.
  9. Enter in your Amazon Login Email Address.
  10. Enter in your Amazon Password.
  11. Enter in your Amazon Merchant Token. This can be found within your Amazon Administration under Settings > Account Info.
  12. Copy the Instant Order Processing Notification Merchant URL, located within the Cart32 Administration. Within your Amazon Administration go to Settings > Checkout Pipeline Settings. Once there, click the "Edit" button on the Checkout Pipeline Settings area. Paste the URL in the Merchant URL box and click "Update".
That's all you need to do to tie your Amazon Payments account with Cart32. Now your customers will ave yet another way to checkout securely on your site.

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