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Cart32 is integrated with Authorize.Net. Authorize.Net is a merchant service provider for processing credit cards. Below are some issues and information about Cart32 & Authorize.Net.

Integration Update 6/1/2006
AuthorizeNet is changing their systems. The password field is being phased out and it will be replaced with a transaction key. All new AuthorizeNet accounts (created after 6/1/2006 approximately), fall under this new system. All old AuthorizeNet accounts will eventually be transitioned to this new system according to AuthorizeNet.

To use this new system, Cart32 has created a new authorization file (.cpp) called AuthorizeNet 3.1 Updated. If you are a client using a Cart32 with directly, this update is available in the Cart32 administration under the Enterprise --> Real Time Card Processing tab. Simply select Authorize.Net 3.1 Update from the drop down labeled Auth Name and fill out the necessary fields.

If you are a client using your own Cart32 license, there is a new integration file available here. This file must be downloaded to your Cart32 installation folder. To use this new integration file, follow the steps in the paragraph directly above.

For more information on obtaining a transaction key or your merchant service account with Authorize.Net, please contact them at Authorize.Net.

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