How to recreate a registry path to the private key on the hard drive
Posted by Beau Brown on 17 March 2010 04:54 PM
If you have the private key file for encryption, but there is no registry entry pointing to it, you can recreate that entry.

Note: Backup the private key file(clientcode_kf.ckf) before proceeding. It will be overwritten if it is left in the default location.

1. Go to the Cart32 web admin.

2. On the File, select the Advanced tab.

3. Click the link Regenerate public/private encryption keys.

4. Click OK to the message "Regenerating the public/private keys wil make your current credit data unreadable. Are you sure you want to regenerate the public/private keys?"

5. Click Click Here to Continue on the next screen.

6. Choose "Encrypted File (Recommended)" and click Next.

7. Click OK to the message "Key successfully saved in file."

8. DO NOT click "click here to continue".

9. Close the Cart32 web admin (close the browser).

10. Finally, you will need to copy the back-up private key file (clientcode_kf.ckf) to the default location on the hard drive (C:\), overwriting the key just generated. For example:
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