Client Export and Import (v8.0)
Posted by on 30 August 2011 10:31 AM
Cart32 clients can export their cart settings, and orders, all at once using the Export Client Data feature in version 6.x or later of the cart. This export will move all of your settings, custom configurations, orders, etc. out to a text file which can be imported later.


To do an export follow these steps:
  1. Log into your Cart32 Web Administration.
  2. Click on the Settings category.
  3. Click on the Export Client Data subcategory.
  4. Click the button labeled Start Export Now to start the export.
  5. Once the export finishes, you can click the link to download your export file. (Your export could take a considerable amount of time if you have a lot of previous orders. Consider deleting old orders if this is the case).

Note: It is best if you do not rename an export file as the naming convention is often used later when trying to import.

Common Error: If the export progress is stuck at a certain percentage after several minutes, the cart administrator will need to delete the file named ClientCode_Export_Progress.txt (where ClientCode is the name of your Cart32 client code) stored in the Cart32 folder on the server.


To do an import follow these steps:
  1. You will need to take your export file (details on how to do that above) and put it in your /cgi-bin/cart32 folder where your Cart32 software is installed.

  2. Log into your Cart32 Web Administration (as the Administrator).

  3. The dropdown list on the right-hand side is called "General Administration". Open that dropdown list and choose Import Client Data.

  4. There will be a link on the page that loads titled Do Import Now with the client code you exported earlier to the left. Click this link to start the import. BE ADVISED THAT DOING AN IMPORT WILL DELETE AND OVERWRITE A CLIENT'S DATA IF THE CLIENT NAME ALREADY EXISTS.

Once again, if there are a lot of order in a client's export file the import could take a considerable amount of time. If this is the case try deleting old orders from their cart administration and making a new export file.
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