What To Check If Real Time Calculations Are Off (v8.0)
Posted by on 29 August 2011 11:11 AM
If you set up real time shipping types in Cart32 and do not get the quotes you believe you should, you may have mis-configured something. Please read the following sections and verify all of the settings within them are correct.

Originating Zip Code

In order for a real time shipper to estimate charges they need to know the distance the parcel will travel. This is done by taking the originating zip code and destination zip code and performing a lookup to determine the distance. The originating zip code is stored in your Cart32 administration on the Settings category --> Company subcategory. Make sure this is correct.

(Note: When testing make sure the zip code you're using isn't the same as the zip code in you Company Info tab)

Get Shipping Location On First Add To Cart

The destination zip code is needed for a real time quote. The best way to gather this information is with the Cart32 featured called Get Shipping Location On First Add To Cart. This feature is found under the Shopping Cart category --> Shipping subcategory --> Shipping Types tab. If this is not set up you will not be able to generate real time quotes on the itemlist page.

Product Weights

Product weights are necessary for shippers to know how much to charge for shipping. Make sure all your product forms have weights assigned to them of at least 1/10th of a pound (0.1 pounds). If you'd like to see the total weight of an itemlist you can enable this in your Cart32 administration from the Shopping Cart category --> Appearance subcategory --> Totals Table tab. The checkbox to show total weight is labeled Display Total Weight.

Checking Log Files

If you have tried the above items and are still having trouble getting an accurate quote from your real time shipping type, please contact your Cart32 provider and ask for the shipping logs for whichever real-time shipper you are using. They should give you some more insight as to what is going on.
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