Setting up Gift Certificates (v8.0)
Posted by on 22 August 2011 09:58 AM

Cart32 allows for clients to set up and use gift certificates on their website. This is a simple and easy way to sell “gift cards” to your site, or even show customer appreciation for those long-time returning customers. It is really easy to set these up within your cart.

To turn Gift Certificates on, you will need to log in to your web administration, and go to Shopping Cart category > Gift Certificates subcategory. There you will see a radio button option that states Accept Gift Certificates. Simply check that to “Yes” and you will be ready to start adding/creating new gift certificates for your customers.

Also on this page you will notice different customization texts you can change. If you make any changes to this, be sure to click the save link up in the right hand corner of the web admin.

Towards the bottom of the customization texts, you will see radio buttons next to “Calculation”. Here you will choose whether or not the gift certificate will apply to the overall total (including shipping and tax) or if it will just apply to the sub-total, leaving the customer using the gift certificate to pay for the tax and shipping.

To add a gift certificate, simply click the link that states “Add Gift Certificate”. This will bring up a pop-up box where you will make the actual gift certificate. Here you will see three options:

  • Checkbox to “Auto generate gift certificate code”: Checking this will produce a unique number for use as the gift certificate’s code.
  • Custom Gift Certificate Code: If you checked the box above, then this field will automatically be populated with a unique number. If you want to create your own code, then you will enter it here.
  • Amount: This text box is for the dollar amount that the gift certificate will be worth.

Once you have the information filled in, then you will click “Add Gift Certificate”, the pop up will close and the web admin will auto-update with your new gift certificate which will show you the codes that are active, the amount that’s left on them, and also the codes that have been redeemed.

You can also delete a gift certificate from this page if, for example, you set an expiration date on the code.

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