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How to set up a Discount
Posted by Chris Stewart on 08 February 2011 03:05 PM

Within the Cart32 administration there are many ways to set up special discount codes.

To get started on that, you simply need to go to Cart Settings > Discounts. Once there, click “Add Discount Item” and then click “Edit” on the blank discount you created. Here you are presented with multiple fields that you will need to fill out:

  • Name: This is the internal name that you give to the discount so that you know which one it is.
  • Active: This checkbox indicates whether or not the discount is active
  • Set to inactive after use: This check box allows for only one use of the discount
  • Start/End Dates: These fields specify the time frame for which the discount is active


Now is where the fun stuff begins. Depending on what kind of a discount you want, you will have to set up the conditions accordingly:

Say if you wanted to have a discount code that allows you to get 30% off of a purchase:

  • Condition 1: Base On – Discount Code, Comparison – Equals, Value – YourCode
  • Discount Type (Located under the conditions): Percent off Total
  • Amount: .3 (For percentages, you need to enter these in as decimals)


You can also set up free shipping based on the amount purchased. For example: “Free Standard Shipping on Orders over $75!”:

  • Condition 1: Base On – Total Amount, Comparison – Greater Than, Value – 74.99
  • Discount Type: Percent off Shipping – Your Standard Shipping Type
  • Amount: 1 (for 100% off)


An example where you would need to set up two conditions would be if you wanted to use a discount code to take 20% percentage off of specific items:

  • Condition 1: Base On – Discount Code, Comparison – Equals, Value – YourCode
  • Next to the Condition 1 box, there should be a drop down, choose and
  • Condition 2: Base On – Part Number List, Comparison – Leave Blank, Value – Leave Blank
  • Discount Type: Percent off items
  • Amount: .2 (for 20% off)
Then you will fill out the part number list based on the part numbers passed to the cart upon “Add to Cart”


There are many other discounts you can create in the cart, play around with it and see what you can come up with. However, once you create a discount it’s always smart to test it out to make sure it works. So add the items, set it up so that a discount should work, and then use a test credit card to see if it works.
Visa allows 4111 1111 1111 1111, exp 01/14, CSV 123

If the discount box does not appear for the discount code, then you will need to go into your administration:

  • Cart Settings
  • Select Discount Codes
  • Make sure “Get Discount Codes Before Checkout” is set to Yes.


If the discount amount does not appear on your totals table, then you will need to go to do the following:

  • Appearance Tab
  • Select Item List
  • Check the box next to Discount.


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