Client Code is CGI on Add to Cart
Posted by Matt Marler on 17 August 2010 03:18 PM
Sometimes when installing Cart32 on a new server everything will appear to be functioning correctly until something is added to the cart. When the item is added, you will see an error message indicating that the client code of "CGI" or something similar does not exist. This is because path_info is incorrect. Path_info is part of the http protocol and every script, cgi, asp, php, aspx, cf, etc pulls that from the web server with each request.

Path information, as given by the client, for example, "/vdir/myisapi.dll/zip". If this information comes from a URL, it is decoded by the server before it is passed to the CGI script or ISAPI filter. If the AllowPathInfoForScriptMappings metabase property is set to true (to support exclusive CGI functionality), PATH_INFO will only contain "/zip" and ISAPI applications such as ASP will break.

To fix this you will need to modify the applicationHost.config file and add allowPathInfo="true" to the handlers for the .exe files needed to run cart32.
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