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Setting Up TaxCodes For Various Tax Rates On Products
Posted by Matt Marler on 29 March 2010 11:05 AM
This knowledge base article is designed to show users how they can set up different tax rates for different items. We do this by making use of the TaxCode field in our HTML
code and the Tax Grid in our Cart32 Administration. Since the majority of our items are going to have the same tax rate, we will first set up our default tax that will apply to most items. Please refer to this article to set up your basic tax.

Note: If all of your items have the same tax rate, you do NOT need to follow the steps in this article.

Now that your basic tax is set up, we will use a two step process to set up your other items to receive their respective tax rates.

Step 1 - Modifying Product Form Code

1. Create a list (in notepad or on paper, etc.) of all products that need to have a different tax rate and group them by their tax rates to make this easier.

2. Now that you have your groups of different tax items organized by their tax rate, give the groups a taxcode or name. For example, if you have fresh produce that is only taxed at 3.5% you could make your taxcode FreshProduce03500.

3. Starting with group 1 (which our example is FreshProduce03500) find each product's HTML code and add the following line:
<input type="hidden" name="TaxCode" value="FreshProduce03500">

A full form should look something like this (your product information will differ):

<form method=post action = "https://www.EXAMPLE.COM/cgi-bin/cart32.exe/TEST-AddItem">
<input type=hidden name="item" value="T-Shirt">
<input type=text name="Qty" value="1" size=3>
<input type=hidden name="Price" value="10.00">
<input type=hidden name="PartNo" value="ABC123">
<input type=hidden name="TaxCode" value="FreshProduce03500">
<input type=submit value="Add to Shopping Cart">

4. Save your changes after each product change

5. When you have changed the HTML code for each product in group 1, go to the next step below

Step 2 - Adding the TaxCode Group to Cart32

1. Go to the Cart32 Administration

2. Click on the Cart Settings tab

3. Click on the Tax sub-tab (If you set up your basic tax as recommended earlier, you'll already be familiar with this screen)

4. In the Tax Grid you'll change an entry for the group of items we just changed. The changes are as follows:

  • "Base Tax On" is the critera to base the tax on (probably state)

  • "Base Tax On Value" is the value that you are comparing to (if it's state, then the value might be MO, CA, AL, etc)

  • "Tax Rate" is the rate of tax we wish to apply. In our example that would be .035 (for 3.5%)

  • "Tax Code" is the same code we entered in our HTML forms. For our example we would put FreshProduce03500

5.Click Save


You have officially set up your tax code for the products in group 1! Products in this group will now be taxed at the rate in the Tax Grid that corresponds to the taxcode for that product.

Now, simply go back through the two steps for each group remaining and set up your taxcodes. Now all of your items will be taxed correctly.

Important Notes

  • Copy/Paste: If you have more than one item that is in a tax group that you need to add the HTML code for, copy and paste it. Since it's just a single input item you can safely copy/paste this into your other products forms that share the same tax rate.

  • "I need more rows in the grid!": Worry not, when you reach the end of the Tax Grid and click the Save button, Cart32 will automatically provide you with more rows to enter tax items.

  • "I have tax for several states and several taxcodes, this list could be huge!": Correct, it could. If you must charge tax to 10 states and your products are in 5 groups (each with their own tax code) you will have 10x5 = 50 entries to make in your Cart32 Administration. No grouping or separated list is available to shorten the list at this time.

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