How to setup Paypal Standard with Cart32
Posted by Matt Marler on 29 March 2010 10:51 AM
Paypal Standard or Classic is the default payment method for most Paypal users. When a customer uses their Paypal account to make a payment to your Paypal account directly you are using Paypal Standard. This article will describe how to enable Paypal Standard as a payment option and how to connect your Paypal Standard account with Cart32.

1. Log into your Cart32 Administration

2. Click on the Cart Settings tab

3. Click on the Paypal tab

4. Put a checkmark in the checkbox labeled "Enable PayPal as a payment option"

5. Enter your paypal ID in the field labeled "PayPal ID/Email"

6. Make sure the URL field is still "". This should never be manually changed

7. Enter whatever text you'd like to use for the field labeled "Transfer to PayPal Text". Most people leave it the default text

8. Select what currency you will be using from the dropdown list

9. Click the Save button.

*Note: There is another type of Paypal account called a Paypal Website Payments Pro account. This article does NOT deal with this type of account. For information on how to set up a Paypal Website Payments Pro account please go here.

Warning: Do NOT turn on Website Payments Pro if you do not have a Pro account; it can stop your Cart from processing orders properly.

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Karen Miklesh
04 June 2012 05:18 PM
I now have "check out with PayPal" on my order page. How does the billing and shipping information come to me when the customer checks out with PayPal?
Chris Stewart
07 June 2012 08:08 AM
@Karen - Depending on the type of integration you have set up with PayPal, it will work in one of two ways.

If you set up the Classic Integration, then your customer will go through the order process as normal and then when they hit "Confirm Order" they are redirected to PayPal for the final payment.

If you set up the Express Checkout (the PayPal button), once they click the PayPal button on the ItemList.html page, they are then redirected to PayPal to log in / enter a credit card. Once they are done there, they are then redirected back to Cart32 on the Review Order page for them to see the billing / shipping / items / shipping options. From that point, it acts like any normal checkout with a credit card.
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