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Setup Sales Tax Based on State
Posted by Matt Marler on 29 March 2010 10:41 AM
Cart32 can calculate tax in a number of ways. Tax for a single state is the most common. To setup tax for a single state, follow these steps:

1. Login to the Cart32 admin.

2. Click on the Cart Settings Tab and then the Tax sub tab.

3. Under Tax Type, Use Tax Grid Only should be checked by default. If not, check it.

4. Under Tax Grid, set Base Tax On to State, Base Tax On Value to the state name, and Tax Rate to the tax in decimal format.

For example, Base Tax On Value = TX and Tax Rate = .0825. Tax code will be blank and Tax Shipping is optional if you need to tax the shipping amount in addition to the order amount.

Note: The Base Tax On Value field will need to match what the customer might enter for their billing state. If you are not using a state drop down list, it is recommended you enter all possible variations of how the customer may enter the state name, each on their own row of the Tax Grid. For example, TX, Texas, Tex will each need to be a Base Tax On Value in it’s own row in the Tax Grid with a corresponding Tax Rate.

5. Click Save.
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