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Connect iPhone to Webmail
Last Updated 3 years ago

This guide is designed to help iPhone users connect to their webmail account using POP.

  1. Open the settings app from the main menu. From here scroll down and select "Mail".
  2. In the mail settings select "Accounts" and "Add Account"
  3. Your screen should look like the screenshot below. Select "Other":
  4. Select "Add Mail Account":
  5. Fill out the new account using your email and password. The name and description can be whatever you would like. The below screenshot has an empty password, but this field must be filled out:
  6. On the next page select the POP tab. Fill out the incoming and outgoing mail server where the user name is your email and the password is your password. The Host Name for both incoming and outgoing is NOTE: If you are a capegraphics customer you will use for your Host Name.
  7. Click "Save". A popup will appear that says "Cannot Connect Using SSL". Select Yes.
Your email should be working now! If not, please give us a call or email

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