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FedEx Tracking number error
Last Updated 4 years ago

When attempting to track a package using FedEx from a Cart32-generated email, the following error can occur before being redirected to the tracking information:

If you are not automatically redirected to your results within 15 seconds, please click the Track/Continue button at the bottom of this page. FedEx Tracking - Update NoticeFedEx will retire this version of Tracking in the near future. If you have bookmarked this URL, please visit to use the enhanced Tracking application. If you have received this URL via a shipment notification, please contact your shipper to let them know of this change. To view your tracking results, please click the "Track" button. Thank you for choosing FedEx. The tracking link is controlled inside a file in the Cart32 install directory called tracking.ini.

Inside this file, the FedEx tracking link is formatted in this way:
The format of this string can be changed to avoid this error in the future. The string would be changed to this format:

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