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How To Run VerifyDatabases
Last Updated 5 years ago

Cart32 has a built-in feature to check the integrity of the database schema it uses. Here are the steps to run the verifyDatabases function.

Running From A Web Browser
  1. Open your browser and navigate to Where "" is the domain where your Cart32 license is hosted.
  2. Enter your admin password for your Cart32 installation and click continue.
  3. The verification process should complete quickly unless your database is very large (several hundred megabytes or more).
Running From Command Line On A Server
If you need to run verifydatabases but cannot get to the function via a browser, you can use these steps to run the same function directly on the server:
  1. From the server where Cart32 is installed, go to Start --> Run and enter cmd, then click OK.
  2. Navigate to your Cart32 directory where your Cart32.exe and C32web.exe files are (this should be equivalent to where your cgi-bin folder/virtual directory points to from IIS).
  3. Run the following command: c32web.exe -verifydatabases
    • (Note: There is no progress indicator, except for a text file called ProgressStatus located in the cgi-bin/cart32 directory.)

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