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How do I export my order?
Last Updated 5 years ago

Exporting Cart Orders
By: Brandon Bradshaw
Date: 7/19/2018

You can adjust the export format in the cart under Shopping Cart >> Export Orders tab. Here you will need to check the Export Data For This Client box, and then choose what export fields you want to show. Simply move the fields you want from the column on the left to the column on the right.

You can append the data to one file or create a new file for each order. It is important to select the directory you want the save in. Once you have filled out the format on this page you will need to navigate to your Orders page. Once in Sales >> Orders you will need to check mark the orders that you want to export. Once all the orders are selected simply click the Export Checked tag above the orders. This will propagate small box where you will be able to right click and save the exported file.


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