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How do I add a discount to my cart?
Last Updated 5 years ago

Adding A Discount To My Cart

By: Brandon Bradshaw
Date: 7/19/2018

In order to set up discounts for your products you will first need to log into the cart admin. Once logged in navigate to 'Shopping Cart' >> 'Discounts'. Here you will see two tabs, Set Up Discounts and Discount Settings. Under 'set up discounts you will want to add a new discount item. Once added you will want to click the edit button. Let's say you're having a sale for the whole next month where everything is 20% off. Within the edit discount button you will want to name the discount and give it a description. Set it to active and then choose the start and end date.

Next you will see three condition boxes. It is important to always fill out the first condition box, the other two are just for added customization. For our 20% discount we are going to base this off the total amount. Choose Total Amount in the drop down box. Comparison will be Greater Than, and Value will be 0. This means that any product added to the cart that totals more than zero dollars will get a 20% discount. Next it is important to add the Discount Type. For this scenario, we will choose Percent Off Total. Underneath that is where you set the amount that will be discounted. (For 20% type out 0.2)

If you are wanting this discount to apply to only certain products and not all products you will need to specify part numbers in the table at the bottom. See example below:


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