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Cart32 is integrated with Cybersource as a payment method. Use the quick links below to review how to create or update keys and for information on common questions with the Cybersource integration.

Registering The Cybersource DLL File
As of October 25, 2003 Cart32 has had Cybersource integrated as a payment option. Any Cart32 installation made after this date should have the files you need to use Cybersource already included. By default you should NOT have to manually register the DLL. However, if the situation arises, here are the steps to registering the Cybersource DLL file:

  1. Open a command prompt window on your server by going to Start --> Run and typing in cmd. Then click OK
  2. Navigate from the command prompts current location to the Cart32 directory where you have Cart32 installed. (This is done using the change directory command: cd)
  3. Type the following command to register the DLL: regsvr32 ics2com.dll
  4. You should see a popup telling you the DLL has been registered. You can click OK top close that popup and then type exit to leave the command prompt window

Creating and Updating Cybersource Keys
Cybersource requires you to run a special program that will generate certificate key files which are used to help secure the credit card sales. Here are the steps to create or update your certificate files (Cybersource requires the keys to be updated every so often):
  1. Download the appropriate version of Cybersource's Ecert application from here and save the zipped file to the server
  2. Unzip the Ecert file into a directory (such as c:\cybersource) and save the file as ecert.exe. This will extract the ecert.exe application
  3. Navigate to the file location through a command prompt (Start --> Run type cmd and click OK) Type ecert merchantid where merchantid is the merchant identification number issued to you from Cybersource (usually v#######). After it runs, close the command prompt by typing exit. (Note: If you are performing a key update you will use the ecert command like this: ecert -u v######)
  4. Take the four files created created by ecert in the directory \cybersource\sdk\ (merchantid.crt, merchantid.pvt, merchantid.pwd, CyberSource_SJC_US.crt) and copy them to a new folder called keys in the root of your template files directory
Congratulations! You've successfully created or updated your Cybersource keys. If this is the first time you've created the keys you will need to modify your Cart32 settings as well real quick. Follow these steps to finish your Cybersource setup:
  1. Log into your Cart32 administration and navigate to the Enterprise --> Realtime Card Processing tab
  2. Make sure Cybersource is selected from the dropdown labeled Auth Name
  3. Fill out the field labeled Merchant ID with your merchant ID just like we used above
  4. Change the dropdown labeled Capture Mode to your preferred setting
  5. Click Save

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