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HTTP 405 - Method Not Allowed
Last Updated 5 years ago

The HTTP 405 - Method Not Allowed status code means an improper request was made to the web server. For example, if a request using a query string (GET) method is presented to an HTML form that requires POST.

Cart32 is a CGI program which runs an .exe file on the server. If the server is not configured to allow this execution you may receive this error, or the .exe file may try to be downloaded to your computer directly (instead of running on the server). If this happens, check the following:

  1. Enable scripts and executables. In IIS you can specify what types of applications can run. Cart32 requires Scripts and Executables.
  2. Check filtering programs. If you use a filtering program, such as IIS Lockdown and/or URLScan you may need to modify your configuration to allow the executable to run.

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