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Error 62 - Input Pass End of File
Last Updated 3 years ago

In generic terms, this means the Cart32 program was asked to read a file (typically a template file) which has information after the last line in the file (an EOF or End of File error). This can happen for a few reasons, they are listed here with suggestions on how to fix them:
Corrupted Files
If your template files (or any file Cart32 has to read) becomes corrupted you can receive this error. Restoring a backup of your template files should correct the issue. If you don't have a backup or if your backups are corrupted too, you can always download a default set of template files from the downloads section of this support system.

Bad Coding or File Encoding
If you have code (asp, php, etc) in your templates, or if your tool for editing templates has special character encoding, you may receive this error when trying to use Cart32. Check your code and make sure your editing program isn't saving the template files with a foreign character encoding (such as, say, Korean.)

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