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Error 3709 - The Connection Cannot Be Used To Perform This Operation. It Is Either Closed Or Invalid In This Context
Last Updated 5 years ago

This error indicates there is a problem connecting to a database or executing a query against the database in a given situation. Most often this happens when a database connection is trying to be used before it is properly initialized and connected, or after it has been disposed of.

In Cart32, this error can occur under the same types of situations. For example, an Access database might be corrupted, or a database connection might be invalid due to a bad username or password. Follow these steps to try to repair your connection to your database:

Steps If Using Microsoft Access For Cart32's Database
  1. BACK UP YOUR DATABASE! This can be accomplished by simply copying the Cart32.mdb file to a safe location.
  2. Open your Cart32 database in Microsoft Access
  3. In the menu bar click on Tools --> Database Utilities --> Compact And Repair Database.
  4. Try running Cart32 again. The error could be gone. If not, at least you know the database is okay.
Steps If Using MySQL/MSSQL For Cart32's Database
  1. BACK UP YOUR DATABASE! This can be done through the Enterprise Manager (for MS SQL) or through the use of mysqldump.exe (for MySQL, included in the mysqldir/bin folder).
  2. Find and open your Cart32.ini file.
  3. Find the line UseSQLServer=1 and change it to UseSQLServer=0.
  4. Save the Cart32.ini file and close it.
  5. Log into your Cart32 Administration (c32web.exe/admin) and choose Setup Database Server from the General Settings dropdown.
  6. Confirm all the connection information and use this screen to re-establish a connection to your database server.

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