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Dreamweaver SFTP Connection Issues
Last Updated 4 years ago

Adobe has released a patch for SFTP issues. We have tested it to make sure it works. Please try the following if you experience any errors when connecting SFTP through Dreamweaver. Newer versions of Dreamweaver (v18.x and up) have this bug corrected.

First time installing Dreamweaver? Skip steps 4 and 5. Sometimes a hard reset of the program fixes this problem.

  1. The customer must have the newest build Installed (With the new Creative Cloud, updates should be preformed automatically.)
  2. Backup connections info folder.
  3. Quit Dreamweaver and make sure no parts of Dreamweaver are running. (Control+Alt+Delete to pull up task manager; close all running Adobe tasks)
  4. Locate configuration folder (make sure "show hidden items" is checked in the view toolbar)
    1. C:/Users/[username]/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Dreamweaver [version]/[language]/Configuration
  5. Rename the folder to "old"
  6. Launch Dreamweaver
  7. Try to login via SFTP

If you still have problems connecting once installed, start from step 3. Do not skip steps 4 and 5.

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