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Why is so much email ending up in the SPAM or JUNK folder all of a sudden?
Last Updated 5 years ago

This has not STARTED happening, but has BEEN happening.

Google, DHS and others have been cracking down on Email issues.

2017 4th Quarter, US - DHS issued mandate BD18-01, known as DMARC.
Division of HomeLand Security bod links:

In English DHS started a Crack Down on Email issues, like (Spam, Virii, Spoofing, etc), forcing tighter security.
Anybody that sends or receives email from a ".gov" entity needs a "SPF" and "DMARC" or their email will start ending up in JUNK folders.

1) If a company does NOT have an SPF entry in their DNS.
Check Link:

2) If a company does NOT have a DMARC entry in their DNS.
Check Link:

3) If a company IS or HAS Been BLACKLISTED in the LAST 30 Days.
Check Link:

Basically ALL Companies need an IT person that KNOWS what they are doing.
Since 2017, smaller companies have found themselves and their email being directed to the SPAM folder,
because of this and other crack downs on security.

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