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Use PayPal for Card Processing
Last Updated 4 years ago

Cart32 integrates really well with PayPal. As such we have three different types of integrations for PayPal users. Each type of integration provides different features. The three types we can integrate with are PayPal Classic, PayPal Express, and PayPal Merchant Services (PayPal Direct Payments).
PayPal Classic is the most basic integration. The way this option works is that a customer will fill up their shopping cart, proceed to "Send Order", fill out their Billing/Shipping information on our cart pages, and then redirected to PayPal to finish the transaction. The one drawback with this option is that it doesn't talk back with Cart32 unless the customer follows the link back to your store after the checkout is completed. If the customer does not follow the link back to your store, then the order will be marked as Not Approved and you will have to check your PayPal account to see if the order was approved.

To set up PayPal Classic, you must do the following:
  • Log into your Cart32 Administration
  • Click on the Cart Settings tab
  • Click on the PayPal tab
  • Put a checkmark in the checkbox labeled "Enable PayPal as a Payment Option"
  • Enter your PayPal ID in the field labeled "PayPal ID/Email"
  • Make sure the URL field is still "". This should never be manually changed.
  • Select what currency you will be using from the dropdown list
  • Save
Also note that in order to use this option you will have to "Show" the PayPal choice from the Payment Options tab under Cart Settings.

PayPal Express is your typical "Check out with PayPal" button located on your cart summary page. This option will redirect to PayPal when the customer clicks the button. There, they can finish out their transaction. Cart32 recommends using PayPal Express because it talks back with the cart and lets you know in real time whether or not the transaction was approved.
To set up PayPal Express, you will need to do the following:

Log in to your PayPal account and go to My Account --> Profile --> More Options tab
  • From here choose API Access from the "Account Information" List
  • One the next page you will need to click "View API Signature" under "Option 2". It may show as "Request API Signature"
  • You will need to copy some of that information into your Cart32 Admin to get it working
  • You will go to the Cart Settings --> PayPal tab and fill out the following fields with the appropriate information taken from PayPal: PayPal API Username PayPal API Password PayPal API Signature
  • Save

PayPal Direct Payment is a paid service of PayPal that allows you to process credit cards in real time on your site. This is the same as a merchant account which would allow you to stay on your site for the hole completion of the transaction.

It is similar to PayPal Express in terms of set up but there is an extra step:
  • After you set up your PayPal API information under Cart Settings --> PayPal go to Enterprise --> Real Time Card Processing
  • Once there, select "PayPal Direct Payment" from the drop down list
  • Check the box that says "Use Real Time Card Processing"
  • Save
Note: You can only use this if you have PayPal Pro, a paid service of PayPal. If you activate it without having a PayPal Pro account it can stop your cart from processing orders properly. PayPal also offers two different types of Merchant Accounts known as PayFlow Link and PayFlow Pro that both integrate with Cart32 and can be found under the Real Time Card Processing tab.

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