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Paypal Classic Orders Show Up Not Approved, But I Have Still Received Money
Last Updated 5 years ago

When using PayPal classic your customers will be taken from our software system to PayPal's directly. Your customers are given a set of fields by PayPal to fill out to make their payment. As soon as your customer's payment is sent they are taken to one last page and on this page is a link for them to follow which will take them back to the Cart32 order confirmation screen.

This is where the problem occurs. If your customers do not follow that last link on the PayPal website your Cart32 order will assume they never finished the payment step at PayPal and will set the order approved status to "N".

We handle orders this way with PayPal classic because there is no way for us to know if your customers have really paid you or not since they are paying through PayPal's server.

There are two recommendations we can make:

  1. Make sure your clients know to finish the payment process completely until they end up back at the Cart32 confirmation page.
  2. When you see an order with an approved status of "N" make sure to check and see if they used PayPal classic on that order. If they did, they probably didn't go all the way through to the Cart32 confirmation page. Simply check your PayPal account for a payment from their email address and that will let you know if they successfully paid for their order.

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