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How to Setup Virtual Merchant with Cart32
Last Updated 4 years ago

Cart32 can be setup to work with Virtual Merchant as a payment gateway. Virtual Merchant is owned by Nova Information Systems who is now owned by Elavon (as of April 15, 2008).

Before proceeding with the setup Virtual Merchant with Cart32 you will need a two pieces of information from Virtual Merchant, Merchant ID and PIN. If you have a separate User ID, this will also be required and will be provided by Virtual Merchant. To setup Cart32, please do the following:

  • Go to the Cart32 web admin.
  • On the Enterprise tab, select the Real Time Card Processing tab.
  • Set Auth Name to "Virtual Merchant".
  • Set User ID to your Virtual Merchant User ID.
  • Set PIN to your Virtual Merchant PIN.
  • Set Type based on your preference (CCAUTHONLY = authorize only, CCSALE = authorize and capture payment).
  • Set Merchant ID to your Virtual Merchant Merchant ID.
  • URL (this does not need to change from the default).
  • Click Save.

Virtual Merchant will only accept 20 characters for the address field. You will need to limit your Cart32 address field for this reason. To limit the address field, please do the following:

  • Go to the Cart32 web admin.
  • On the Cart Settings tab, select the Billing Information tab.
  • Click Address 1 in the scroll box.
  • Set the Width value to "20".
  • Set the Max Length value to "20".
  • Click Save.

To setup Virtual Merchant, please do the following:

The next step is to login to your Virtual Merchant terminal and edit the referrer URL. The exact address you will need will vary based on where your cart is hosted, but it will be something along the lines of For example, if your cart is hosted at Cart32 on our "red" server, you would enter in (replace "ClientCode" with your client code) for the referrer URL.

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