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How to setup RBS Lynk Systems with Cart32
Last Updated 5 years ago

In order to use RBS Lynk Systems with Cart32, you must first have a Cart32 account with RBS Lynk. Please contact your RBS Lynk sales rep if you are unsure of your account type. To setup RBS Lynk Systems in Cart32, please do the following:

  • Go to the Cart32 web admin.
  • On the Enterprise tab, select the Real Time Card Processing tab.
  • Check Use Real time Credit Card Processing.
  • Set Auth Name to "Lynk Systems".
  • Select the Service Type. Authorize only authorizes the charges. Sales authorizes and captures the charges at one time.
  • Enter the Store ID, Merchant ID, and Terminal ID obtained from RBS Lynk.
  • Enter the Host URL
  • Enter the optional Order Description, Authorization OK Message, Authorization Failed Message, and Failed CC Email Subject if applicable. Please refer to the Cart32 Help file for more details on these fields.
  • Click Save.

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