Joomla! And Cart32
Posted by Matt Marler on 16 September 2010 01:32 PM

Joomla is a very powerful content management system (CMS) that is free of charge and simple to use. It gives the ability to create fantastic looking websites to web developers and non-developers alike. Because of this, Joomla has become the most popular website software available. Joomla’s framework is written in PHP and is entirely open source as well.

Are you a Developer with a Client that uses Cart32?

If so, Joomla might be the perfect solution for you and your client. Joomla is very easy to use which allows for websites to be developed very quickly. With a small amount of guidance, your client can be instructed on how to manage content on their website with only a few clicks of the mouse! This is perfect for e-commerce applications as they can add their own products, product descriptions, pictures and everything else on their own. To make it even easier, Cart32 has developed a Joomla component that integrates Cart32 and Joomla!

Cart32’s Joomla! Component

The Cart32 Joomla component gives full control of the Cart32 administration from within the Joomla administration. This allows for total control of the website as well as total control of Cart32 all from within Joomla. This is great for managing your website as everything is in one place!

Installing the Cart32 Joomla! Component

Installing components in Joomla is a breeze! Please follow these steps to get the component installed:

  1. Download the appropriate component zip file (located at the end of this article).
  2. Log into your Joomla administration and navigate to the Extensions -> Install/Uninstall -> Install tab.
  3. Under “Upload Package File” click browse and navigate to the location where you saved the zip file and click “open”.
  4. Click “Upload File & Install” to install the component.
  5. Navigate to the Components -> Cart32 Administration Panel to begin using the Cart32 Joomla component.

How to Download the Cart32 Joomla! Component

You will need to download the correct file based on how you log into cart32. Log into the Cart32 administration and look at the URL in your web browser.

  • If you see:

  • If you see:

  • If you see:

Note: These components will only work if you have your cart currently hosted with Cart32. If you have your own license or are with a Cart32 reseller, you will need to edit the file manually to make it appropriate for your Cart32 installation.
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