After reinstalling or moving Cart32 installation, credit card numbers are not readable
Posted by Matt Marler on 29 March 2010 11:16 AM
This problem is caused from the creation of a new encryption key during the reinstall. Cart32 encrypts all sensitive data using an encryption key. When the cart is reinstalled, a new key will be generated and old data is no longer viewable. All new orders will be encrypted under the new key. Old orders can be restored by restoring the old key, but any orders that came in after the new key was created will not be viewable once the old key is restored.

Note: You must have a backup of the old key file to restore the old encryption.

To restore the old key, please do the following:

1. Locate the old key file. The old key file will be in the backup Cart32 folder with a name of numbers such as 1234.123.

2. Locate the new key file. The new key file will be in the new Cart32 folder with a name of numbers such as 1234.123.

3. Edit the cart32.ini file. Locate the line KMMS_##=___. Delete the value on the KMMS line to the right of the = so the line reads KMMS_##=. Save this change.

4. Rename the new file as a means of removing it from use. It's recommended to name it with the same numbers with a .new extension such as

5. Move or copy the old key file into the new cart32 folder.

6. Once the cart is accessed, either the administration or by placing an order, the cart will rewrite the KMMS line in the cart32.ini.

7. The old encryption should now be restored and old orders will be viewable. All new orders from this point forward will be encrypted under this old key.

If you need further assistance, please contact Cart32 Support.
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