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Cart32 web administration does not load
Posted by Matt Marler on 29 March 2010 10:47 AM
Cart32 web administration does not load
Problems have been encountered from time to time where the Cart32 Web Administration (c32web.exe) or the Cart32 application itself (cart32.exe) fail to load when accessed. The cause(s) of this issue generally have something to do with advanced server settings. The specific causes can vary from server to server, so the method listed below may not work in all situations.

We have found that the problem mostly occurs when the cart32.exe and/or c32web.exe files are prevented from making the appropriate connection calls. Cart32 by default uses an older WinInet connection protocol so that it is still compliant for use on WindowsNT servers. All Windows server editions since WindowsNT still contain the WinInet connection ability, but Windows 2000 and newer use the more recent WinHTTP connection method. If Cart32 is attempting to connect using WinInet and is prevented for whatever reason, it can cause the .exe file(s) in question to simply hang.

As a solution to this, a line may be added to the cart32.ini file that will force Cart32 to make its connections using WinHTTP. The line can be added anywhere under the [MAIN] section of the cart32.ini and should be added as follows:


As stated above, this is one solution we have found to this very uncommon issue. Should this solution not work, please contact Cart32 Technical Support.

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