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MSSQL Connection Problem Solutions
Posted by Matt Marler on 29 March 2010 10:42 AM
There has been an issue with Cart32 connecting to an MSSQL server when there are multiple MSSQL installations on the same server, OR there are different ports MSSQL runs on.

If you have multiple instances of MSSQL you will need to specify the IP address or dns first, then use \INSTANCENAME. So, if you had 3 MSSQL servers running like so:

  • FunStuff on port xxxx

  • WorkStuff on port yyyy

  • CrazyStuff on port zzzz

and you wanted to use Cart32 with the WorkStuff databases on port yyyy you would need to enter the following:\WorkStuff

No need to specify a port number because MSSQL automatically sets up a listener on the default MSSQL port to listen for database calls and will redirect requests to the correct port based on what instance you specify after the IP address.
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