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Incorrect number of new orders showing in the Cart32 web administration
Posted by Matt Marler on 29 March 2010 10:19 AM
In some cases with latest version of Cart32, the number of new orders in the top link is off due to new logic which hits the database less. This effects both Access and SQL/MySQL databases. While the cause of this error is still under investigation, this problem can be fixed fairly easily by following these steps:

1. Gain access to the Cart32 database, either through a web administration or remote access (i.e. server access for MySQL/SQL), or obtain the cart32.mdb if the Cart32 license is using the default MS Access database.

2. Cart32 stores the data in a field in the PLUS Table called CC3CONFIG. Find this field and delete the data from it.

3. After you have deleted the data, save the changes to your database. This may require an update query for SQl/MySQL databases.

This process will set the value of the CC3CONFIG field to null so that when a new order comes into Cart32, the field will be updated to the current internal new order count and timestamp.
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